Canaan Type of Mind
Pastor Quincy Griffin 7/6/2016
If you believe your Canaan is around the corner, then your mindset should surely change. In this message, God insists that you elevate your way of thinking to match the purpose He has destined you for!
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A New Mindset: Freedom in Canaan
Ronald F. Kimble 6/29/2016
Everyone wants freedom and liberty, but hardly anyone understands what this really is or even how to obtain it in Christ. Teacher Jessica Jones explains where God is taking us in this season and how to walk in the proper Freedom in Canaan.
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A New Mindset
Pastor Quincy Griffin 6/22/2016
There is a change that must take place in how we think in order to obtain all that The Lord has for us. Listen as Pastor Griffin explains the need for A New Mindset in the Body of Christ.
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The Fight for Unity
Pastor Quincy Griffin 6/15/2016
Division can easily come upon even the best Christian. If we put effort towards keeping unity among us, the Body of Christ can become an unstoppable force! Let us use this lesson to learn how to Fight for Unity.
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When Will You Grow Up?
Pastor Quincy Griffin 6/8/2016
There is a time and season for every individual to put away childish things and work on becoming a mature-minded person. God is looking for renewed-minded people but the question is 'when will you grow up'?
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Alignment with Your Assignment
Ronald F. Kimble 4/27/2016
Get in alignment with your assignment! Minister-in-Training DeAnne Williams
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He Wants Your Seed
Pastor Quincy Griffin 4/20/2016
Satan is after you and your lineage. Find out how to protect your family line in this enlightening message.
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Satan's Plan
Pastor Quincy Griffin 4/6/2016
Many of us understand God's plan for our lives, but do have we ever taken the time to understand satan's plan? Learn both sides of the war in this teaching.
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Get Your Life in Order
Pastor Quincy Griffin 3/16/2016
How do you prioritize your values, goals and time? If any of your lists do not place God first and foremost, then it is all for naught. Allow God to touch and bless every area of your life by seeking His Kingdom first and see if your life isn't drastically changed for the better.
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Starting with Your Mind
Ronald F. Kimble 2/24/2016
Many of our defeats in life begin with the mind. If we learn how to win on the mental battlefield, we can slay giants in the spiritual and earthly realm!
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